Protecting our borders is our ultimate responsibility. As Ron Paul says, “A nation without borders is no nation at all.” When we as Republicans were in control years ago, we didn’t do what we should have done in fixing immigration. We need an immigration policy that works. Empower our own.

  1. We have laws in place. Illegal means illegal.
  2. Build the wall. Enforce the law. Fix our broken immigration system.
    It’s time to mix the mortar to fix the border.
  3. Design and plan a system that works. When some work so hard to become American citizens, it’s just not right to allow those who break the rules to do so!!!


At my urging, Governor Haslam turned down Obamacare expansion because it was unworkable and unaffordable and proposed a market-based, personal responsibility, non-entitlement plan for those in need that requires recipients to be in charge of their own healthcare while partnering with their employer and the state. I will certainly vote to repeal Obamacare in favor of market-based, patient-centered reforms. The solution to soaring costs is consumer-centered health care that puts physicians and patients back in charge, not government bureaucrats and insurance companies.

Second Amendment

Justice Scalia said it best: “Our Constitution is not a living organism, it’s a legal document. It says what it says and it doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.” Our right to bear arms is fundamental. “Shall not be infringed” means shall not be infringed. I am proud to be an “A” rated NRA member.

Jobs and Welfare

I have been instrumental in Tennessee’s welfare reforms requiring able-bodied welfare recipients to contribute, work, or be involved in education in order to receive assistance. I would rather teach people to fish than give them fish. I believe in workfare, not welfare, a hand up, not a handout. Families come first. However, the federal government keeps striking down our state reforms to a broken welfare system. We need to get the federal government out of the way and let states handle it.


I have served on the Senate Education Committee for many years. Our students are our future. I have been instrumental in doing away with Common Core and in reforming our textbook commission and completely revamping our state education standards to reflect Tennessee’s true values, not DC’s. My philosophy is local control of local schools. When the textbook commission tried to rewrite our curriculum, I took action to keep real Tennessee and American history in our schools. I also passed legislation to put the Pledge of Allegiance back in our public schools.

National Security & Veterans

I have always pursued President Reagan’s cause of “Peace through Strength” and as a veteran of the Vietnam war, I have spent my entire time as a public servant supporting our troops and wanting to honor and help our veterans. They cared more for our liberty and freedom than they have even their own lives. One of my first pieces of legislation was to take care of the family members of soldiers killed in combat by offering a free education to the children and spouses left without that spouse or parent. Having worn the uniform myself, I will always prioritize making sure that our military and veterans have the best equipment, pay, benefits, training, and care when their duty ends.


I voted to defund Planned Parenthood and redirect those funds for the health of women to the Tennessee Department of Health. I have always been staunchly pro-life, fighting partial-birth abortion early in my senate service, and most recently supporting the heartbeat bill that protects the life of the child and the life of the mother, even when leadership did not. Life does begin at conception and should be protected. Sarah and I have two wonderful children who are contributing greatly to our state and nation’s future. I will continue to carry myself as a Christian lawmaker, always pursuant to faith and family as a proud parent.


Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East. Continuing our strong support for Israel is in our best interest and in the interest of the entire world. We need to continue our strong sanctions against Iran. 

I am proud of President Trump for fulfilling America’s promise to finally recognize Israel’s capital by moving our embassy to Jerusalem.


Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. I am proud to be one of the latest recipients of the NFIB’s Guardian of Small Business Award for “demonstrating a commitment to low taxes, sensible regulation, less red tape for small businesses, and promoting a stable and predictable environment for entrepreneurs.” Senator Crowe is responsible in large part for Tennessee’s recent economic success for having destroyed the proposal for a state income tax.