ETSU Conservative Coalition Endorses Rusty Crowe for U.S. Congress

Newsroom, Press Release

JOHNSON CITY, TN– The ETSU Conservative Coalition executive committee voted unanimously last week to endorse State Senator Rusty Crowe’s bid for Congress in the First District. Crowe is the first candidate to ever receive an endorsement from the organization, which recently became the largest collegiate conservative group in Tennessee.

“The ever-growing national debt, attacks on freedom from the left, and national security threats from China are just a few reasons why it’s important for us to send a conservative Tennessee leader to Washington,” said coalition chairman Nathan Boccarossa. “Rusty Crowe has been a longtime friend and supporter of the Conservative Coalition. He has built personal relationships with a number of our members and mentored young conservative activists.”

“We know what it’s like to have our conservative values challenged every single day, we know what it’s like to fight back,” Boccarossa said. “We believe Rusty Crowe’s record of killing a state-income tax, bringing back the American pledge in public schools, and standing up to end the reprehensible practice of abortion makes him the most qualified candidate to take Tennessee’s conservative values to Congress. We look forward to actively helping with his campaign.”

Crowe responded, “As an ETSU graduate myself, I am humbled to receive the support of this great group of young people. They are making a big difference by standing up to socialism on their campus, and I’m excited to have their help in giving DC a big dose of Tennessee.”

Crowe received the 2013 Distinguished Alumnus in Public Service award from the ETSU National Alumni Association.