Newsroom, Press Release

JOHNSON CITY, TN- State Senator Rusty Crowe (R) says there has been some confusion about Governor Lee’s executive order yesterday regarding personal care businesses such as hair salons and barbershops.

Crowe, who chairs the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, says he has received dozens of calls from concerned small business owners and citizens in need of hair care services. “Everybody’s getting pretty shaggy and nobody wants to look like a wooly mammoth,” he says. 

Crowe touched base with Governor Lee early this morning. “After speaking with the governor, I feel certain he will be making an announcement “very soon.” I am certain that his intent is not to keep these small businesses like hair salons closed until the end of the month. Many will probably be able to reopen next week,” Crowe said. 

“If you read down to the last paragraph, Executive Order 30 does not state that hair salons and barbershops will all remain closed for the entire month of May,” Crowe said. “It’s easy to just read down to section 11a of the order and draw that conclusion, but the last paragraph, 18, makes it clear that we should expect additional guidance to open those up to some degree, both safely and soon.” 

Paragraph 18 states, “It is anticipated that in the near future development of additional business guidelines will allow for reopening additional businesses safely, at which time this Order will be amended or otherwise revised accordingly.”

“I think folks should be able to get a haircut pretty soon,” Crowe concluded.