DC Needs A Good Dose of Tennessee.

"The service we provide will long outlast the seat we occupy."


DC Needs A Good Dose of Tennessee.

Rusty Crowe’s career of public service began when he volunteered for the Vietnam War. As a counterintelligence specialist with top secret clearance in the U.S. Army Security Agency, Rusty intercepted coded messages from the enemy in Southeast Asia.

After that, Rusty served with the FBI while earning his law degree at night, briefly worked as a bank auditor, and then got a job at East Tennessee State University. In 1987, Governor Ned Ray McWherter appointed him as a Commissioner in the Tennessee Department of Corrections.

In 1990, Rusty was elected to the Tennessee State Senate as a conservative Democrat, but like Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, he soon became a Republican. “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party,” Reagan famously said. “The party left me.”

Known as “the Rock” among his fellow senators for his solid conservative stances, Rusty’s leadership has helped put Tennessee on the right track. We’re now the #1 state for fiscal stability with the lowest debt as a percentage of personal income, and we’re leading the nation in best business climate, advanced industry jobs, and small business growth.

Rusty’s biggest impact as a citizen legislator helped set the tone for Tennessee’s current outstanding success. In 2002, when Republican Governor Don Sundquist tried to impose an unconstitutional, job-killing state income tax on Tennesseans, Rusty's decisive opposition stopped it dead in its tracks once and for all. That uncompromising stand cost Rusty his job at ETSU, leading him into a new private sector career hyperbaric medicine and wound care management.

In the Tennessee State Senate, Rusty represents Washington, Carter, and Unicoi Counties, and used to represent Hawkins and Johnson as well. He is Chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee, a member of the Education and Government Operations committees, former chairman of the Joint Select Committee on Veterans Affairs, and a current member of the Governor’s Council for Armed Forces, Veterans, and Their Families.

Rusty is a member of the Lions Club, American Legion Post 24, the Tennessee Farm Bureau, and the Carter County Cattlemen’s Association.

Rusty and his wife Sarah have two children, Katie and John, and attend Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church in Johnson City.

I'm Ready for Rusty!